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Vortex Winnower

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Note: Video is a from pre-production unit for demonstration purposes. Several upgrades / features are not visible.

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Vortex Winnower Details

w/Two Stage Cracking Mill

(Patent Pending)

99% efficiency in a stunningly beautiful Pyrex glass design.

This revolutionary design is based on a new and inventive technology of separating nibs from husks using Vortex tubes.

The machine was specifically designed to be a showpiece for Artisanal manufacturers, enhancing the experience of visiting customers.

The process goes as follows: Roasted beans from the hopper pass through a two stage cracking mill. The first stage has timed interlocking gears with sinusoidal teeth. The interlocking rollers fold the beans, cracking them into small pieces while producing little dust. The second stage rollers are machined with parallel serrated knives which cut any oblong pieces of nibs. Both stages of rollers are machined from Stainless Steel and then hardened. Small stones that may accidentally make their way into the process are pulverized without damaging the mill.

The cracked beans are then pneumatically conveyed into the Vortex tubes. The nib and husk particles are suspended and accelerated in a swirling gas stream. As the particles, both nib and husks, travel at the same speed as the airflow, and the mass of the nibs vs. husk particles are different, so is their kinetic energy.

The Vortex winnower uses centrifugal forces to differentiate between the high and low kinetic energy particles suspended in the swirling gas stream. This causes the particles, which are denser than the gas, to move outward to the vortex tube wall, along which they are transported downward to the reservoirs. The special and inventive (pat pending) vortex tube allows a separation of Nibs into the first 5 gallon reservoir and husks into the second. In addition to the husks all dust particles larger than 5 microns (millions of an inch) are trapped in the second reservoir during operation.

All aluminum components are anodized and the frame is powder coated FDA white. Larger versions as well as all Stainless Steel versions are available on request.

Please contact Brooklyn Cacao for advanced details.